Records Update

Free Removal & Updates of Arrest Records (we do not accept any type of payment direct or indirect )

NOTICE: Non-legible or incomplete documents and/or documentation will be discarded and no notification as to removal from public view will be provided. Photo ID and URL must be attached to request.

Free Removal of arrest record URL

  1. A removal of an arrest record URL (without Compensation) will be performed within (10) days under the following conditions:
  1. Sealed
  2. Expunged
  3. Non-Disclosure
  4. Death
  • In order to execute the removal the following information must be requested by registered mail or email:
    1. Name
    2. Valid identification (drivers license or passport)
    3. Disposition sheets or equivalent documents, and
    4. URL of arrest records

    Free Update of URL

    1. Update all URL’s of persons (without compensation) within (10) ten days  who claim to have inaccurate information. Placing a banner across the persons URL with the updated information to the reflect the most accurate information. If the person completes the Following:
    1. Make a request to the company in writing via certified mail or via email.
    2. Includes their name, valid id, date of arrest, and the name of the arresting law enforcement agency;
    3. Send copies of certified documents, such as a disposition sheet, that show the charges have been amended.
    4. Include the URL or other information about where such arrest and booking records are located in the company’s publication.

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